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**** ATENCIÓN ****

Cenizas surge de una residencia internacional, aprovechando la oportunidad única de tener en Madrid profesionales de varios países para aprender de su trabajo.

El evento se desarrollará en inglés, aunque, por supuesto, habrá indicaciones en español para quien las necesite. La mayor parte de los participantes son extranjeros. Por eso el resto de la web está completamente en Inglés.

20-22 October 2023


CENIZAS 2023 sin letras_edited.jpg

Mutation, evolution, change, transformation, movement. Inner and outer.

Balfolk is the contemporary face of traditional dances, the necessary change that followed the disruption of the pillars of the old rural and urban societies. And it is still changing, but how?

Cenizas borns as an international laboratory where dancers, teachers and organisers gather to exchange, learn, teach, confront and, essentially, grow. In its third edition, we will work on the common theme “Transitions” applied on the three pillars of the residency: dance exploration, balfolk pedagogy and balfolk promotion. Anf for the first time we will have this FESTIVAL, a weekend of Balfolk intensive training.

The Festival

Two days of intensive workshops and one concert per night, a nice festival more training than concert-oriented. A beautiful gathering to have a lot of fun and share what we've learned through the week.

After 1 week of work, the results are interesting, enriching and, why not? funny. This year we want to share the process with more people, give the opportunity to attend classes with teachers from all over Europe and dance, learn, share and grow.

Cenizas means "ashes", we wish to be the phoenix starting its journey, again and again, in a circle that embraces all of us, and goes beyond each one of us.

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